Short Film

This is the very first short film that I ever worked on. It is now time for it to see the world. It has its many faults but the lessons I learned from this have made everything else I have worked on better. There are spotty audio spots, but I am still waiting on my audio guy to get me the final audio tracks. But here you go. Here is Overrun.


Blackwood Empire Title Card (WIP)

Work in Progress for web series title sequence.

Valentines Day animation


A quick valentines animation done for a client. 3d done in 3ds max, 2d work done in after effects.

Effect test for title sequence

Blazer Girls burning logo (no audio)

Underground Riot Bumper (no audio)



Fume FX test


Food for Thought

Here is an interesting link to an article oabout the current state of the VFX industry. Its just a little food for thought and for you VFX artists out there its a good read.

Small VFX shops rewrite the rules

So Man of Steel came out the other day and I went ahead and gave it a watch. My overall opinion on the movie is Read the rest of this entry

Adobe CC

So there has been alot of hooplah about Adobe going over to the per month business model. While I would rather not beĀ  spending money every month for my adobe products, I do see the benefit in it for adobe. For us proffessionals the monthly is well worth it. For the standard consumer I can see where this would be an issue. Aharon Rabinowitz wrote a really good article about it over on his webstie