Monthly Archives: May 2013

Adobe CC

So there has been alot of hooplah about Adobe going over to the per month business model. While I would rather not beĀ  spending money every month for my adobe products, I do see the benefit in it for adobe. For us proffessionals the monthly is well worth it. For the standard consumer I can see where this would be an issue. Aharon Rabinowitz wrote a really good article about it over on his webstie

A good look at Iron Man

I really enjoyed Iron Man 3, so I began looking for info on the VFX teams that worked on the film and I found a few things. First check out the link Read the rest of this entry

Iron Man 3 VFX Review

So after watching Iron Man 3, I must say that it was definitely not a waste of time. A great addition to the franchise, Iron Man 3 was full of high paced action, compelling drama, and most importantly amazing Visual Effects. Read the rest of this entry

Short Space Intro

Here is a short project that was created for a class project. It is a intro animation for the MTV VMA’S.