So Man of Steel came out the other day and I went ahead and gave it a watch. My overall opinion on the movie is that it was actually pretty great, which is a big departure for most recent Superman adaptations. Michael Shannon’s portrayal of General Zod was easily the best performance in the film. All of the other actor did a good job as well. Most importantly Henry Cavil was believable as Superman and did a great job portraying the Kryptonian hero. The VFX were spot on as usual for a big budget film and added to the spectacle of the film. ┬áZack Snyder did a tremendous job rebooting the franchise and bringing it into modern times. The movie while not a cinematic masterpiece, picks up the pace in the second half of the movie and you will find yourself drawn into the Superman universe throughout the film. The film is definitely work a watch and a possible buy when it is released on disc. Overall i give this one a solid 4 out of 5.

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